Parish Office (all locations)

108 Charles St.
Boonville, NY 13309.
This is also the mailing address for all locations.

Telephone: (315) 942-4618
Fax: (315) 942-3686
E-Mail: christourhoperc@syrdio.org

St. Joseph Church - Boonville

112 Charles Street
Boonville, NY 13309

St. Patrick Church - Forestport

12000 River Street
Forestport, NY 13338

St. Mary of the Snows Oratory

State Route 28
Otter Lake, NY 13338

Other Buildings/locations:

  • St. Joseph's Gill Hall, 114 Charles St. Boonville, NY
  • St. Joseph's Cemetery, Moose River Rd., Boonville, NY
  • St. Patrick's Kiefer Hall, 9004 E. River St., Forestport, NY
  • St. Patrick's Thrift Shop, 12000 River St. Forestport, NY
  • St. Patrick's Cemetery, River Rd., Forestport, NY

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